The territory

A generous land

The production area of our grapes, in the Friuli Latisana DOC zone, is particularly suited to the production of excellent wines thanks to its climate, but above all to its sandy-clayey soils, rich in mineral salts. The proximity to the sea results in beneficial warm air currents that give the wine taste and aroma, enhancing its finesse. The vineyards are our heritage, our wealth, because wine is made primarily in the vineyard. All the vineyards are personally monitored and cared for by us, in compliance with European and national regulations, with particular attention to the environmental impact of our work. We are convinced that our work must first and foremost be respectful of nature, its balance and its pace.
Unspoilt places between Land and Lagoon


Anaxum, the river without light, as the Stella was called because of the dense curtain of trees that once prevented the sun’s rays from being reflected in its waters.
Precenicco has always told its story between land and water.

wine, history and traditions...Umberto Baccichetto