Domus Bacc(h)i

Domus Bacc(h)iThe wine cellar of Bacchus Baccichetto

From the desire to enrich our offer – “not only wine, but wine and something else” – came the idea of giving new life to the old “Baccichetto” farmhouse, through a restoration in which the old marries the new, as ivy intertwined with the old walls.

The Domus Bacc(h)i is named after the ancient pagan deity Dionysus or Bacchus, as the Romans used to call him, god of wine and harvest, but also of entertainment.

With its architectural and functional novelty, Domus Bacc(h)i welcomes its guests with the ample embrace of a flowered courtyard, renewing the Baccichetto family‘s tradition of conviviality enriched by the flavours and fragrances of this land. But also of its knowledge.

Domus Bacc(h)i is the realisation of a dream

he winemaking culture combined with the beauty of art, music, books, reflection and words.
A cultural place in its own right kissed by the light of the Stella river.
A place for events, exhibitions, book presentations, tastings, round tables and musical moments.
A meeting place from the earliest times.
The cheerfulness of the toasts of yesteryear still overflows from the glasses of today”
These new premises are intended for conviviality and tastings, and are a meeting place for music, art and events.
Provisionally summarised by the title Tastes, Knowledge, colours and Bassa Friulana people.