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Divine Taste, Poetry of the Earth

The Umberto Baccichetto company is proudly and totally family-owned.
The Baccichetto family has its roots in the farming tradition, where hard work and passion for the land allow the wines to be transformed into the expression of these values.
Umberto Baccichetto and his wife Fiorella arrived in Precenicco in 1966 from the nearby Veneto region, bringing to this land their experience, their great enthusiasm and their almost visionary dream of giving life to the reality that you see today.
The deep relationship with their origins, the family farming tradition, the contribution of the new generations and the technical studies in the fields of wine making and business, are the principles that guide the Baccichetto family in their work.

Right from the start they began to be known for their sincere welcome, in their courtyard, among the first barrels.
Baccichetto wines, then as now, are distinguished by their authentic flavours, capable of providing timeless emotions to those who choose them: a toast with family and friends, a celebration for a special occasion, or the pretext to create one.

Three generations now live together and influence each other, in a blend of new ideas and respect for traditional values. An eye always on the future, but roots firmly planted, reaching towards the suns of the days to come.

“At the centre of every family that cultivates a large vineyard, there is always the winegrower”
Recent wineries, but already very rich in history and tradition:
We are in the Latisana DOC area, for that “vìn di Latisane vendemat su la stagion” (Latisana wine harvested on the season) as the old song says. Roberto Baccichetto