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The best wine of Latisane

The Umberto Baccichetto winery was founded in the Precenicco countryside, in the Latisana DOC zone of Friuli Venezia Giulia, where the Baccichetto family arrived in 1966.

At first glance, an expanse of vineyards, dozens of hectares of rows of vines tended by the hands of attentive, caring vine dressers, always eager for new knowledge and experience.
An area rich in history and tradition, where modern wine cellars welcome guests in a sort of shady womb filled with the scents of Friulian wine and the countryside. A small world of great oenological happiness, into which one can dive with complete confidence. There is only the uncertainty of choice between the different qualities on offer.


Limited productionRadixuva

A wine of great elegance and complexity. The bouquet is rich, enveloping and harmonious. Refined white flowers, jasmine and acacia, blend with fruity notes of white melon and yellow peach, with tropical hints of passion fruit and pineapple. The citrus scents are complemented by refined creamy sensations of pastry, caramelised almonds and vanilla. Balsamic finish. Continuous evolution.



UMBERTO BACCICHETTO WINESIn the wake of tradition

We personally supervise and take care of all our vineyards, dedicating ourselves with passion to the art of viticulture and paying particular attention to the environmental impact of our work. Discover our vineyards

Isi Benìnì``

At the centre of every family that cultivates a ‘great vineyard’, “there is always the vine dresser, who, with a soft hand, full of affectionate warmth, one eye on tradition and one on the suggestions of high technology, follows the evocative journey of the wine from its gestation in the straight vine rows, and ripening fruit, and opulent bunch, and must rich in humours and the very first aromas, and when it rests in the vats of its adolescence, and in the playful moment of its journey to the bottle, and again for its spring catwalk until it is extinguished in the exaltation of the palate for a ‘magnificat’ that repays him for so much anxiety and care”.